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Negativity happened yesterday
not the way I planned it
happily happily painting my house
then slipped and fell and landed

As I lay upon the hard hard earth
wondering how it hurt me
anger surfaced toward myself
considering why this could be

What fool would move the way I did
causing such an error
when I attempt to stand again
will pain ignite sheer terror

Yesterday is gone today
committed now to history
pain upon awakening
 shrouded not in mystery

Time will tell if I am broken
if there is complication
but I vow to be joyful and smiling today
my uplifting incantation

We possess control of happiness
we own self placation
neither hate nor pain nor gravity
can defeat positive reiteration

September 15, 2017

<![CDATA[Like a Tree]]>Sun, 03 Sep 2017 17:53:58 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/like-a-tree

​I've been busy living free
places to go places to be
people to love people to flee
and the trees continue to stand there

Shifting reality written in sand
jumpin' and jivin' to our human band
live every minute 'cause nothin' is planned
be the leaves fluttering softly

Discovering self ignites cosmic light
embracing self provides pure delight
unbridled happiness void of all strife
now your roots will hold forever

September 3, 2017

<![CDATA[Sitting Outside]]>Sat, 19 Aug 2017 20:09:04 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/sitting-outside

​Captivated by nothing as I sit outside 
disrupted by no one 
ruminating on blinding flashes
of my own synapse junctions

Consistent nature
promissory of peace
unselfishly envelopes me
patiently awaiting my awakened silence

Ever so slowly my human dissipates
allowing raw intelligence to dance
mindlessly twirling swirling merging
 seeking perfection of the silent concert

There it is
hidden in plain sight
overwhelmed by intellect
camouflaged perfectly by ego

So easily attained
when we allow surrender
so much to be gained from
Sitting Outside

​August 19, 2017

<![CDATA["Goodbye Old Friend"]]>Sun, 13 Aug 2017 01:04:16 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/goodbye-old-friend
     Every ten years it happens.  Every ten years the process must occur.  Unlike those many times past,  this time the process was difficult.

     One would think renewing a passport to be a simple procedure.  Obtain the proper papers, have a new photo taken, then send everything, including my current passport, to the appropriate governmental agency.  Easy stuff, one would think, simple enough. This time, however, an unexpected element appeared.  This time, as I sat at the table putting my completed package together, emotion crept in.  "Crept" may be much too subtle a descriptor .. "Charged" may well be more accurate.  As I touched my passport prior to placing it into the envelope,  past  years of travel memories staggered me.  

     I won't bore you with personal travel stories here, that's not the point of this writing. What I do wish to convey is the intense feeling of panic which rushed through me immediately after  delivering my passport and accompanying paperwork to our post office.  The thought of not having my document renewed for any reason struck me like a lightning bolt.  The notion I could actually be restricted to my own country or repelled by another country, based solely on a diminutive travel booklet, left me shuddering.

     Factually, the process is easy.  It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to answer the straightforward questions posed on the renewal application.  All the usual personal stuff like age, height, weight, color of eyes, color of hair, etc. etc.  are automatic responses for morally straight and honest people.  I suggest the most difficult part of the procedure is driving to whatever photo shop you've selected in order to obtain the current regulation size passport photo for inclusion in your packet.  We've all gone through similar procedures our entire lives.  Every one of us has given countless applications for jobs, drivers licenses, rental applications, and the list goes on and on. Except for our address and weight, most of the descriptions remain accurate for our lifetimes. It is nearly an automatic response system we utilize for filling out questionnaires.

     I took my envelope to the post office and returned home.  On our beautiful mango table, where I put together my application packet, were three passport sized photos. The photo shop had taken four pictures  and one was now in the mail,  headed to the governmental agency folks who now hold my travel life within their powerful jurisdiction.  I picked up the photos and looked at myself .. my "self" who is now ten years older than that guy pictured on my last passport ..  "Sonofabitch!"

     I rushed to the post office, but the mail had already been picked up and my envelope was gone.  I was too late. The ladies behind the counter got a good laugh at my expense when I related the reason for wanting to retrieve my application.  They seemed to think everything would work out alright.  I, on the other hand, continue to live in a paranoid state, hoping some kindhearted, understanding being at the "passport place" will overlook the late realization of this man .. this man who ten years ago had the brown hair he notated on his passport renewal application .. this man who, upon closely inspecting those three photos and further inspecting his image in the bathroom mirror, did come to the realization there is no brown remaining.  I am left only with the need to discover which spelling to utilize .. is it gray or is it grey?  Of course it is a little late to know the spelling, since gray (or grey) was spelled B..R..O..W..N on my paperwork.

     As my passport renewal application makes its way, I happily remember days of passports before.  I bask in the glow of more memories than one man deserves. It was an honest mistake, writing brown instead of gray, and I feel confident I will receive a new diminutive travel booklet.  In the meantime, I recall that fellow pictured on my old passport, which is currently transitioning somewhere within the United States Postal Service, and I know I must say "Goodbye Old Friend" as this new man, with a mane of gray, humbly and gratefully takes his place. 
August 13, 2017

<![CDATA[Toast, Peanut Butter, and Honey]]>Thu, 10 Aug 2017 17:03:17 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/toast-peanut-butter-and-honey

What a beautiful day
unencumbered by seeking money
woke up to the smell of coffee
 toast, peanut butter, and honey

Stroked the cat watched her stretch
felt her appreciation
I gave more she returned more
we should practice that nation to nation

New hours await me
devoid of prearrangement
full of space for me to fill 
with happiness or estrangement

You may believe or not believe
it may seem oddly funny
but stroking the cat starts a perfect day
of ​toast, peanut butter, and honey

August 10, 2017

<![CDATA[Out the Other Side]]>Sat, 05 Aug 2017 19:59:23 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/out-the-other-side

Most precious is our gift of love
heart so freely given
expecting nothing in return
not agenda driven

No other pain hurts so deeply
like twisted knives and crushing bone
than empty starkness of  rejection
left standing speechless and alone

Broken remnants of shattered reality
ripping at the heart
where one hoped for reciprocation
the other tore it apart

Such is life .. C'est la vie
incredible magical ride
let them own their pain as you continue to love
gaining strength out the other side

August 5, 2017

<![CDATA[Fantastic - Fantastique - Fantástico]]>Tue, 01 Aug 2017 00:44:26 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/fantastic-fantastique-fantastico

This year
I watched a parrot 
just south of Versailles ..
chickens on Kauai
wild ones that can fly ..
and blurry wings of hummingbirds
against the Tucson sky

I've listened to my favorite sounds
French floating in the air ..
politely soft and gentle
as if no one else was there ..
Mariachi horns proudly proclaim
joyous melodies ..
haunting notes of Hula lay the soul completely bare

Fantastic story tellers
Hula hips and hands ..
Fantástico the passion
where Mariachi stands ..
Fantastique French perception
creative thinkers all ..
each has surely gifted me far beyond my plans

Each day I trek this fertile earth
the choice is mine alone ..
search far and wide for more and more
or make each place my home ..
I declare unto my Self the lives I lead shall be 
fantastic - fantastique - fantástico
I do embrace all three

Mahalo, Merci, y Gracias !

Eternally Grateful,
July 31, 2017

<![CDATA[Contemplation and Decision]]>Sat, 29 Jul 2017 19:54:31 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/contemplation-and-decision
When it is found
unexpected place
special provider of peace
giver of introspective solitude 

Embrace, embrace
precious moment given
rare gift for contemplation
focus included 

Silent opportunity
wherever it occurs
listen carefully 
those gentle winds of your soul 

Answers reside on those breezes
messages from higher and deeper
carried on wings of wisdom 
yours alone to be heard

When the moment is memory
that place again reality
  ours is to display gratitude 
 enacting courageous decisions

​July 29, 2017

<![CDATA[Big Toe]]>Wed, 26 Jul 2017 19:58:55 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/big-toe

The need to write is with me
what, I just don't know
searching for the discipline
longing for some flow

Ideas dance across my mind
too quickly to be caught
frustration builds with passing time
while digging for a plot

What can I give my readers
what will bring a smile
quips and quotes and prose I seek
along the mental mile

Writers depression settles in
that place I fear to go
eyes drop slowly to the floor 
then gaze at my big toe

Ancient protrusion .. ugly illusion
forerunner of naked feet
clip it and paint it however you want
big toe will never be sweet

Let it be said and records be read
though beauty it will not display
big toe inspired one writer 
to record something witty today

Always beneath you holding your weight
constantly ready to go
when tumultuous distractions fill your plate
try gazing at your big toe​

July 26, 2017

<![CDATA[Never Too Late]]>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 23:44:20 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/never-too-late

​Have you cried inside as the band played 
while wishing you were

Can you recall that shudder of poignancy 
when your gift appeared 

Sudden awareness of squandered time
pissed away in previous life 

Joyous tears of realized passion 
newfound clarity obtained 

Cry no more
your creative self has arrived 

July 22, 2017