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​Gently softly ours to do
brush aside a branch or two
forget that one you thought was you
find your hidden beauty

Trappings of this world will strike
leave you standing so much like
all those others up the pike
lost without their essence

Seek until it comes around
listen for that silent sound
on the air and in the ground
spark of inspiration

When warm glow begins to swell
brilliant light illumes your shell
absorb .. follow .. treat it well
​fire of life has found you

March 21, 2018

<![CDATA[Grief]]>Fri, 16 Feb 2018 22:45:54 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/grief

I lost my Mother two weeks ago.

No longer will we see Heidi giving her first child words of praise in the comments section 

It is 11:14 P.M. and I've been awakened by her gentle voice

"Write, Billy, Write"

I write tonight for each of you .. we know and share the pain of loss ..
It is inherent to our collective human experience.

I write tonight for Mom .. still her little boy ..
seeking approval .. striving to please

Loving Her



Reaction to the irreversible ..
wave upon wave of helplessness
soaked in self pity

Wishing you were still here ..
I need your presence
selfish me

Not first nor last to feel crushing pain
but so certain my angst is unique ..

how very human

Horrific melancholy .. felt for the one set free ?
I think not ..
Grief is clearly me feeling sorry for me

​March 15, 2018

<![CDATA[You]]>Sat, 10 Feb 2018 20:29:58 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/you

​Life is not about me ..
vital lesson learned.
Time spent to self enlighten ..
precious moments burned

As I focus intently on growing ..
me and me and me
this path of higher knowledge
fails to set one free.

Self illumination
necessarily done
absolutely worthless
if only for the one

My existence .. this tiny life
how empty it would be
without the gift of others
If only filled by me

As I work to better me
please know it to be true
I only work on this flawed man
so he might give to you.

February 11, 2018

<![CDATA[Today]]>Sun, 04 Feb 2018 21:43:54 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/today

December 4, 2017 was the first day of my 40 day water only fast.  

January 12, 2018 was the last day of my 40 day water only fast.


As a result of this discipline, I received many wonderful benefits ..


Some experiences are best kept to self in silence ..
Therefore, I have no intention of expounding.


Those of you who have faithfully followed my writings for the last 7 years may
have noticed I've written nothing in the last 2 months.

I had some healing to do


It has now been 3 weeks since completion of the fast 
I've given much thought to what my first blog post would convey 
what "fast received" gift I might share with you .. ?
The answer to that internal question appeared yesterday ..


Today is the gift 
Living happily Today 

Relinquishing control  
Accepting the events of Today 

Not regretting yesterday 
Not fearing tomorrow 

Enjoying and being thankful for Today


Fellow Human .. I Love You

I Wish You the Happiest Day Possible


from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between
February 4, 2018
<![CDATA[Walkin']]>Sat, 09 Dec 2017 00:06:55 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/walkin

​​No restrictions as to where
do it here
do it there

Only requirement
you show up
moving legs and feet


Choose the journey as you go
pacing fast
sauntering slow

Accompanied by
symphonic flow
of fields or trees or street


You are master of this time
every reaching step sublime
under your control

You can plan or wander free
following what is meant to be 
guided by your soul


Oh the thoughts
plethoric thoughts
attached to a day of stride

of every type
which generally hide inside


Appear a bench
do have a seat
contemplation calls

And peace and peace
and further peace
within your being falls


Price of admission
only your time
you and you alone

Incredible gift
anywhere we may be
just go without the phone

December 8, 2017

<![CDATA[Pissing on the Ego]]>Mon, 27 Nov 2017 01:32:46 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/pissing-on-the-ego
Stuff grows inside
 no place to hide 
I feel I can no longer take it

I suggest to me 
give it a rest
don't follow the urge t0 fake it


Nothing is sacred
dear narcissist 
especially My view of my Self

Embellish and relish 
in my mind's eye
as others scrap me on shelf


Enter then agony
beaten and tired
with wonder "what did I do?"

It seems the answer
dwells within dreams
Listen .. they exist pure and true

After I've broken
then shed salty tears 
come naked for all to see

Newly purified
child again here
smiling at this New Me


One would think 
New Me triumphant
perfection by inner grace

Fact is, my friends,
New Me ain't nothin'
'til that smug smile leaves the face

December 2, 2017

<![CDATA[Purr On]]>Sat, 18 Nov 2017 22:44:07 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/purr-on

​Warm furry softness
settled 'tween my feet
helping me write fancy words

Purist form of love
 humans strive to meet
marching 'round in pompous herds

She never asks for anything
while giving me her all 
wondrous creature gift slumbering there

Tears start forming in my eyes
when suddenly I realize
her perfect love shows how to care

Purr on sweet kitty
I'm here for you
as you are here for me

Your silent grace
creates a space 
to write ... in ecstasy

November 18, 2017

<![CDATA[Real Me]]>Thu, 16 Nov 2017 05:35:15 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/real-me

I found my passion
buried deep within 
perfectly hidden 
behind hazel eyes

Please come out and play
let me take you from the shelf
disperse old dust and share my light 
from this newly ignited torch of happiness

Everything past
 now put to rest
happily forgetting  
that breathing cadaver I was
I found Real Me
child forgotten long ago
blocked by trauma
lost soul .. lost soul

Life was lifeless
I was dead
Real Me returned
resurrecting innate gifts

Honoring lessons of time lost
I wave farewell to the dead man
then cherish and polish Real Me
childlike rediscovered imperfect gem

November 17, 2017

<![CDATA[Enjoy the Tears]]>Sun, 12 Nov 2017 20:31:28 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/enjoy-the-tears

Smile as tears flow 
warming your cheeks
burning your eyes

Smile as you sob uncontrollably
hands cradling contorted face
twisted in angst

Smile ..
 you can only cry
after you have known Love 

November 12, 2017

<![CDATA[In the Air]]>Thu, 09 Nov 2017 23:35:49 GMThttp://kauai-to-paris.com/blog/in-the-air
How fortunate I am to walk across the promenade from our office to the little specialties market, where I can purchase a piece of French brie and a decent baguette.  I recall walking through a "regular" grocery store in Laramie, Wyoming thirty six years ago with a dear friend from France.  I remember clearly his dismay as we sauntered through the dairy section, his disappointment of the very limited cheese selection.  A couple of years later I gained  complete understanding of  his feelings as I stood marveling at the cornucopia of cheeses before me at a sidewalk market in Paris.  Now, in today's technologically advanced world, I can not only enjoy cheeses from half way around the planet, but I can completely immerse myself in the culture of that place with the simple push of a button and click of the mouse.  If I wasn't so "linguistically lazy" I could learn the language of those who reside on the other side of the world, online, through personal interaction with a native speaker, but even with that laziness I can still watch French television, listen to Edith Piaf or Serge Gainsbourg when I want to experience "l'ancienne saveur Parisienne sauvage",  simulate driving an auto to view the sights with Google Maps, and have a multitude of experiences via the internet I would never have dreamed of those many years ago.  No matter where one is at the moment, he or she can turn on their computer and instantly be transported far away. 

In relation to this rapidly changing orb we inhabit, not so long ago I experienced a small panic attack, fearing we might be in danger of losing uniquely  individual cultures scattered around our planet.  I was touched by fear of "Internet Travel" endangering the sanctity of cultural identities, making everything so easily accessible one needn't jump on the Silver Bird to experience places .. mixing the stew pot of our humanity so completely that every place will eventually be like every other place .. every person homogeneous .. one reality .. one language .. one mass mentality ..  one culture .. no culture.  Can you imagine this scenario?  A robotic existence of humanity, with no flavor, no spice, no difference,  completely void of excitement for discovering the unknown.  Can you imagine?

Thankfully, these fears were dispelled upon my recent return to Kauai, following an extended visit to our other home in Tucson, Arizona.  Like so many times before, I stepped out of the airport terminal in Lihue and, like so many times before,  I closed my eyes while the incredible island air caressed my face .. and, like so many times before, I felt the spirit of this beautiful culture envelope me, awakening memories and visions unique to this island paradise.  My spirit smiled with sudden recognition of a truth which will never allow our cultures to be diluted, to dissipate as a result of our technology.  The memory of experiencing this same wonderful sensation when walking outside the terminal to the rental car parking area at Charles de Gaulle softly entered my thinking .. the uniquely ethereal contact of light breezes I only feel in France.  Breezes that whisper ancient secrets and hint of modern marvels which only exist in that place.  The flood gates opened for me as I stood there a week ago .. stood there "feeling" Kauai, knowing I have "felt" France and hundreds of other places in the same manner through my lifetime.  We are kissed by the place we inhabit .. kissed by the places we visit .. and within those gentle kisses the culture of that place dwells. 

I walked from Lihue terminal to the car wearing a huge smile on my face, knowing we will never lose the flavors of humanity .. knowing France, and Hawaii, and Tucson, and every other wonderfully unique culture is safe, protected by our inability to grasp and destroy it.  The beauty of our individuality will remain, shielded and nurtured, never to change  ... ​
​In the Air 
from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between
November 9, 2017