Have you ever caught yourself thinking "I wish I could" or "I wish I would have" or "I wish I could go back and ... " ?   Just yesterday I caught myself mentally declaring those very thoughts  ... wishing for something already past, something missed, something I can never regain or attain because that moment is gone. 

Upon further introspection, the truth  that I have experienced many, many moments steeped in that "wishing" thought process arose in my consciousness .. causing me great consternation.  I was thus stimulated to recall this flowery phrase from my youth:
"Shit in one hand, wish in the other and see which one fills up the fastest!"
Though "shit in one hand" does clearly convey a concise message of not wasting time,  I will not attempt making it a catch phrase.  

however ..

will eradicate the word "wish" from my thinking ..


Unlike the positive cleansing result of defecation ..

 "Wishing" is totally wasted energy.

From this writing forward, each and every moment I catch myself "wishing" will be a moment of creativity .. a "redirect" of that precious time so it does not dissipate  on the wings of a wish.
Dear Readers

If what I share in the future pleases you 

Please smile and know ..

It's because I'm "shitting in my hand" ..

not suffering "Wasted Time".


Hopefully .. 

The fruit of my creativity will smell like beautiful flowers.

Yeah, I'm smiling ..

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Mahalo et Merci for joining me,

It is Magical 
Wandering aimlessly through Springtime
Beautiful blossoms freshly opened ..
and silence

 broken only by a bird's song.

The quiet of nature envelopes us with wisdom ..
Nurtures us ..
Leads us ..
Begs us to join 

.. to coexist

If flowers could talk .. what would they say
Would they reprimand us
Would they gently share knowledge
Would they cry at our insensitivity

Possibly the flowers will sing
an ethereal refrain unknown to our ears ..
so melodic and soft we float with the song 
Souls soaring to unimagined heights  
Thundering feelings deep inside
the quiet of our gardens.

In the center of all those delicate beauties
singing their angelic refrains ..
sits one spectacular Orchid
with an obnoxious ear splitting voice ..
a voice that leaves the others smiling
shaking their heads in the wind ..


loving that horrible singer with every ounce of their beings
as he throws his head back and unabashedly screams

Orc !  Orc !  Orc !

from a pure heart ...

July 12, 2015

vive la difference .. please love everyone

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et Au Revoir,

Hawaiian Airlines is the only airline I have ever utilized for flying to or from my island home .. I would never consider any other.  I feel the same about flying to and from France .. Air France being my carrier of choice. 

From the first welcoming "Aloha" or "Bonjour" as I board a flight,  it feels as if I'm already "there".  Both airlines are excellent representatives of the very special places they fly to and from on a daily basis,  and both airlines are clearly reflected in the warm and professional demeanor of their "front line representatives" .. their awesome Flight Attendants.     

This post is to honor the Flight Attendants .. all of them, from every airline around the globe.  If you know a Flight Attendant, please take a moment to share this with Him or Her and let them know how much you appreciate their :

Warm Welcome as we board the plane

Tireless efforts as we slumber in our seats

Special attention to the scared child on a first flight

Willingness to accept responsibility for our safety

Flight after flight with "coughers" and "sneezers" and who knows what

Food service

Trash pick-up

Necessary paperwork

Acceptance of being the  "Unnecessary Complaint Recipient" 

Tolerating the Horses Ass that won't shut up during the safety presentation

Always followed by ..

A beautiful "Aloha" or "Au revoir" as we depart ..

our "Magic Bird"

their workplace ..

Their job is difficult .. their stamina, incredible.

To fully appreciate the welcoming smile of a Flight Attendant, all one need do is think about how tiring a trip can be .. planning, making our way to the airport, then sitting in a seat for hours that is most assuredly not as comfortable as our favorite easy chair.  I suspect every single one of us has, after one flight or another, complained that we are "beat up" and just want to get some sleep.
Our Flight Attendants suffer these same inconveniences .. 

while they work

.. with the public

 (some nice "public")

 (some not nice "public")

But they are expected to "keep on smiling " .. nice or not ..

.. and they do.

Even though this post is dedicated to all Flight Attendants, it was "stimulated" into existence by three Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendants,  John, Karen, and Lesley, on a recent flight from JFK to HNL. 

My first "airplane ride" was at the age of seven, when I traveled on a twin engine tail dragger from Denver to Oklahoma City .. I believe it was on Frontier Airlines.  I flew alone and will never forget the kind and reassuring energy I received from that "Beautiful Lady in the pillbox hat" who was our Flight Attendant.  I have flown many, many miles since that day .. more than most, I suspect .. and have never forgotten her.  Through the years, it has been a blessing to share special moments with those who care for us as we streak across the skies overhead .. and through the years, it has been an honor to enjoy that same "caring" lavished on me and my fellow travelers .. the same "caring" I enjoyed as a small boy .. first alone and afraid .. then protected and nurtured by that very special person, our Flight Attendant.

John, Karen, and Lesley

You took me back

You warmed my Spirit

Every moment aboard that flight .. from "Aloha" to "Aloha" was Superb

Your genuine caring

The unmistakable "want" to please Your guests

Your brilliant smiles

Your attention to detail

Your impeccable timing

Your exuberance and positive energy

These traits can't be faked .. these traits come from good people who wish happiness on others.  I say without hesitation .. John, Karen, and Lesley, you ARE the best of the best.  Anyone fortunate enough to be on a flight you are attending will immediately know they are a part of something special .. touched by a group of individuals who love what they do, love the company they represent, and love the people they serve. 
Mahalo Nui 

John, Karen, and Lesley

I was honored to be on your flight.

No matter where one sits on the plane ..

When there are Flight Attendants like you aboard ..

Every seat is ..

First Class !

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Mahalo et Merci Flight Attendants,

Farewell again le drapeau français
May 30th
Once again I stood  outside the entry to Novotel Charles de Gaulle, watching the French flag (le drapeau français) flying proudly in the wind on that dreary day before my departure.  Leaving France becomes more difficult with each journey.  I love France.  
June 1st
I walked outside the terminal on Kauai and immediately felt  the familiar tropical air of my island home as it gently caressed both body and soul.  Returning to this beautiful place is a blessing .. each and every time.   I love Kauai. 

Loving two places so distinctly different from each other is fascinating.  Never does a day go by that I am not thankful for the many years I've been fortunate to enjoy what I consider the two most wonderful places on planet Earth.  I declare it again .. "I am a very lucky man".           

But, Dammit, there IS a problem!

We obviously can't be in both places at the same time

So ..

How do we deal with  feelings of melancholy associated with absence ?

Yesterday I photographed a beautiful orchid in my Kauai yard ..
only the magic of that moment existed within me.

In France .. I photographed the beautiful grounds where I stayed ..
serenity and peacefulness cradled me in that place.
It is clear to me .. pain of separation never dissipates.

I accept that pain .. it is the pain of love.

 When I feel overwhelmed by physical separation

I will seek the comfort of  nature ..

the loving arms of Mother Earth ..

knowing She is  

 Always There ...

from Kauai to Paris ... and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir


Because travel is such a huge part of my existence,  those writers  I follow are typically much like myself .. impassioned by particular places on our floating home.  Today is Mothers Day and I've noticed the emphasis on social media posts I choose to follow is not typical.  My favorite writers, who typically expound on the magical qualities of their favorite haunts,  are laser focused on extolling the virtues of Motherhood .. as is right and natural.

Because of this seemingly miniscule observation, my mind has been led to the overall truth,  which clearly reveals itself.  It isn't the place we honor,  the locale we desire, or the cultures which fascinate us.  The true fruit on this magnificent Tree of Life is the gift of communion we share with every living soul  ...  every living soul born from ...

Happy Mothers Day Ladies 

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Mahalo et Merci for bringing me into this world,  Mom.

I Love You
Your Son,
No negativity can exist when children are splashing happily in a puddle. 

The world is at peace during those precious moments.
We can become children again ..

Happy Children ...

joyfully splashing in the puddle ...

together ...

from Kauai to Paris ... and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir,


Lucky is the child who envisions soft and gentle bunnies ..

 mysterious hopping fluffs of pink or blue or any hue 

created by the purity of young imagination.

 "Garden gliding" on magical feet

seeking perfect nests for their colored bounty .. 

silently twitching noses in the soft moonlight

Emerging only once each year

living in the dreams of children ..

dreams so strong they briefly become reality 

If only dreams would continue ..

that they would never fade ..

that rabbit eggs were real.

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir
 Of all the incredible places we can view ..

none compare to the perfect beauty of a happy face.

Merci et Mahalo for your wondrous smiles ..

they illuminate our world

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir





There was someone I wanted to speak with yesterday ..

she's gone.

There are others I think about ..

gone as well.

Space they occupied ..

is different now.


solemn and still.

Selfishly I wish them back ..

sadly they can't return.

Silence fills their void ..

answers evade my queries.

I beg one moment ..

an instant to share

unspoken words ..

puke out my fermented thoughts.

Words .. each nuance .. all meanings

intended or not

join the cosmos ..


We have our time ..

a brief flash ..

when all is said that can be

our time is past.

As wisdom grows ..

words become precious ..

fewer ..


One opportunity ..

exhalation complete.

Gift or dagger ..


Give words like diamonds on satin ..

eternally bathed in light.

Anything more or less is


March 21, 2015

Mahalo et Merci for reading my words ..

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between


Anything and everything pertaining to growing, gathering, and consuming the luscious papaya is a perfectly pleasant and positive experience.
Selecting and drying  seeds 

Preparing the earth

Watering .. gentle labor of peaceful anticipation

 That moment when seeds burst forth .. thrilling

The baby is born

Begin the watch of time

Begin my watch of diligence with pleasure

Select one plant

Reverently remove all but the one

Hours, days, weeks, months .. a sturdy tree appears

then flowers


Carefully I take from the tree

Generously the tree gives.

When the skin is golden

When the aroma calls

I cut it

Remove the seeds

Marvel at the taste

Await the next miracle from our yard. 


One day I h0pe to attain strength of conviction to change and grow

 never again cutting into the flesh of a dead creature

because, unlike the process of killing ..
Anything and everything pertaining to growing, gathering, and consuming the luscious papaya is a perfectly pleasant and positive experience.
but ..

 A fantastic chef awaits in France ..

with steak au poivre.

Merde !!

I'm so friggin' weak ..

but I keep trying ...

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et "Au poivre"