Lucky is the child who envisions soft and gentle bunnies ..

 mysterious hopping fluffs of pink or blue or any hue 

created by the purity of young imagination.

 "Garden gliding" on magical feet

seeking perfect nests for their colored bounty .. 

silently twitching noses in the soft moonlight

Emerging only once each year

living in the dreams of children ..

dreams so strong they briefly become reality 

If only dreams would continue ..

that they would never fade ..

that rabbit eggs were real.

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir
 Of all the incredible places we can view ..

none compare to the perfect beauty of a happy face.

Merci et Mahalo for your wondrous smiles ..

they illuminate our world

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir





There was someone I wanted to speak with yesterday ..

she's gone.

There are others I think about ..

gone as well.

Space they occupied ..

is different now.


solemn and still.

Selfishly I wish them back ..

sadly they can't return.

Silence fills their void ..

answers evade my queries.

I beg one moment ..

an instant to share

unspoken words ..

puke out my fermented thoughts.

Words .. each nuance .. all meanings

intended or not

join the cosmos ..


We have our time ..

a brief flash ..

when all is said that can be

our time is past.

As wisdom grows ..

words become precious ..

fewer ..


One opportunity ..

exhalation complete.

Gift or dagger ..


Give words like diamonds on satin ..

eternally bathed in light.

Anything more or less is


March 21, 2015

Mahalo et Merci for reading my words ..

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between


Anything and everything pertaining to growing, gathering, and consuming the luscious papaya is a perfectly pleasant and positive experience.
Selecting and drying  seeds 

Preparing the earth

Watering .. gentle labor of peaceful anticipation

 That moment when seeds burst forth .. thrilling

The baby is born

Begin the watch of time

Begin my watch of diligence with pleasure

Select one plant

Reverently remove all but the one

Hours, days, weeks, months .. a sturdy tree appears

then flowers


Carefully I take from the tree

Generously the tree gives.

When the skin is golden

When the aroma calls

I cut it

Remove the seeds

Marvel at the taste

Await the next miracle from our yard. 


One day I h0pe to attain strength of conviction to change and grow

 never again cutting into the flesh of a dead creature

because, unlike the process of killing ..
Anything and everything pertaining to growing, gathering, and consuming the luscious papaya is a perfectly pleasant and positive experience.
but ..

 A fantastic chef awaits in France ..

with steak au poivre.

Merde !!

I'm so friggin' weak ..

but I keep trying ...

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et "Au poivre"

They quietly sit ..

 moved by breeze ..

dancing joyfully with the wind.

 Many times have I passed ..

missing their beauty

fractured thoughts swirling aimlessly

Vigilant lovers

they patiently wait

regal splendor in silence

Countless times I've been the fool

self absorbed

prancing proudly amongst them

When this fool awakes

priorities emerge

receptors open.

Only then do they scream 

"Come .. be kissed by the flowers" !

Pure Love

from Kauai to Paris ... and all places between

Enjoy their Gift



It is a beautiful day on Kauai ..

this day defies negativity ..

 joyous by nature ..

sun drenched



Wherever you are

purposely .. thoughtfully

grasp nature's gift




We share the breeze

  the bird's song ..

We all inhale

floral perfumes ..

 Father Sun warms 

every face

We are the Humans ..

bound to one another

differently perfect

inextricably connected

within nature


It is a beautiful day on Kauai ..

as clouds gently dance

I think of you 

with love

whoever you are ..

We are the Humans

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

March 1, 2015


Deep inside our collective gut dwells

 frustration ..

 seemingly with no cure.

Thrashing through our mind flies 

placation ..

no landing spot in sight.

Plagued by our misdeeds ..

 flailing alongside one another ..

toxic human stew.

"Natural" we say ..

not like flowers ..

like rotten flesh they dwell upon.

We participate ..

 hidden fury contributes ..

feeding rancid soup of angst.

Wishing to be 

reunited ..

fractured humanity as one.

Children once again ..

 backs on cool green grass

lost in clouds




...  Together

February 28, 2015

Dreaming of Peace

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Mahalo et Merci,


Today I think of my Father

91 years young

tragically blinded

yet exuberant

so vibrant

spirited beyond many who see.

I curse this injustice

cry at nature's cruelty

wish for the miracle

bemoan the distance between us

and Dad smiles.

Like this post

sans photos

his world is black

mornings dark

voices devoid of face.

Learn from my Father

as he listens to the music

creating pictures

beautiful pictures

beautiful mind 

His spirit soars

tapping his toes in darkness

tapping his toes to the rhythm

tapping his toes

tapping his toes

I love you Dad

 with all the love possible ...

from Kauai to Paris ... and all places between

Bill Facker, Jr.

Valentine's Day Kauai

Couples on parade .. strolling hand in hand 

a procession of passion and smiles

 they appear and disappear 

 left to right .. right to left

framed by my windows.

I got hungry

stimulated by emotion.

Strolled in solitude


my lover's day meal

baguette and brie

I did not hold hands with me

There he lay

flat on his back


in the open air

separated by hard cold glass

from safely encased banana walnut muffins

 where they languished under the warming light.

He lay open to the elements

susceptible to every cough

of every person

during every sale

conducted inches from him.

It was busy ...

We all saw him

admired him

praised the baker who created him.

He was a special order 

for this special day.

Someone asked that he be forged

from flour, water, salt

from creative flair



and forged he was.

They never returned to honor his life

did not come to retrieve him

or include him

or share the warmth of their 


as eyes locked

over wine and chocolate.

Now there he lay

on his back

in a cold bowl ..

recipient of every cough

 of every sneeze

every compliment.

Spoiled ..

made useless

by the very mouths

praising his existence.

Beautiful life wasted.

Asked for

then abandoned.

Incredible potential

spat upon

by lovers

who went on their way ..


hand in hand.

His huge heart


as he lies


on his back


in the open air

in that cold bowl

wondering ...

"Where's the Love?"

February 14, 2015
Wishing you the gifts of


for one another ...

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Happy Valentines Day


Note to Self

Live to rise above and surpass everything past .. improve.

 Leave a legacy of pride, honor and empowerment  for others.   

Be thankful we can be more tomorrow than we were today.

The past needn't be the now.

 The future person is not relegated to being the previous person.

  We can transcend our past.

 We can contribute positively to the future.

 Leave the world enriched because we trod upon it ..
 learned from our mistakes .. 
  attempted being similar to that shining light ..


February 7, 2015
Tell me everyone,

if my philosophy above contains even a shred of truth .. and I believe it does ..

Why !?!

Why did the Road Monsters of Chateaufort spring from the depths of hell as I passed over them in my beautiful BMW rental last September?   Did they not know it was me, the same person who penned the ethereally laced rhetoric above?   Didn't they realize what a "special" guy I am  as I proudly drove that beautiful white, leather appointed vehicle (did I mention it was a BMW .. ?)  directly over the hard cold  metal platforms of destruction lurking beneath the pavement?      
Masters of Deception .. waiting especially for me ..

Special Me
Diabolically gauging the exact moment to lunge at ..

Special Me

"Merde !"

The metal serpent struck just as my shining status symbol straddled its lair ..

did I mention it was a beautiful white, leather clad BMW ?

"Sonofabitch !
After the shock 

 After the carcass of a once beautiful auto was replaced with an inferior  model ..

what .. they didn't trust Special Me any longer?

After disparaging remarks by friends who couldn't control their laughter ..

Special Me returned to the scene of carnage & took a self portrait ..

A reminder to read "signs" ..

Hooray Special Me


This was just before

 Special Me got an invoice for the most expensive car rental EVER !

And did I mention ..

It was a beautiful white, leather appointed BMW ?

sigh ..

Special Me ... 

 back to the drawing board ....

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir,