It is a beautiful day on Kauai ..

this day defies negativity ..

 joyous by nature ..

sun drenched



Wherever you are

purposely .. thoughtfully

grasp nature's gift




We share the breeze

  the bird's song ..

We all inhale

floral perfumes ..

 Father Sun warms 

every face

We are the Humans ..

bound to one another

differently perfect

inextricably connected

within nature


It is a beautiful day on Kauai ..

as clouds gently dance

I think of you 

with love

whoever you are ..

We are the Humans

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

March 1, 2015


Deep inside our collective gut dwells

 frustration ..

 seemingly with no cure.

Thrashing through our mind flies 

placation ..

no landing spot in sight.

Plagued by our misdeeds ..

 flailing alongside one another ..

toxic human stew.

"Natural" we say ..

not like flowers ..

like rotten flesh they dwell upon.

We participate ..

 hidden fury contributes ..

feeding rancid soup of angst.

Wishing to be 

reunited ..

fractured humanity as one.

Children once again ..

 backs on cool green grass

lost in clouds




...  Together

February 28, 2015

Dreaming of Peace

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Mahalo et Merci,


Today I think of my Father

91 years young

tragically blinded

yet exuberant

so vibrant

spirited beyond many who see.

I curse this injustice

cry at nature's cruelty

wish for the miracle

bemoan the distance between us

Dad smiles.

Like this post

sans photos

his world is black

mornings dark

voices devoid of face.

Learn from my Father

as he listens to the music

creating pictures

beautiful pictures

beautiful mind 

His spirit soars

tapping his toes in darkness

tapping his toes to the rhythm

tapping his toes

tapping his toes

I love you Dad

 with all the love possible ...

from Kauai to Paris ... and all places between

Bill Facker, Jr.

Valentine's Day Kauai

Couples on parade .. strolling hand in hand 

a procession of passion and smiles

 they appear and disappear 

 left to right .. right to left

framed by my windows.

I got hungry

stimulated by emotion.

Strolled in solitude


my lover's day meal

baguette and brie

I did not hold hands with me

There he lay

flat on his back


in the open air

separated by hard cold glass

from safely encased banana walnut muffins

 where they languished under the warming light.

He lay open to the elements

susceptible to every cough

of every person

during every sale

conducted inches from him.

It was busy ...

We all saw him

admired him

praised the baker who created him.

He was a special order 

for this special day.

Someone asked that he be forged

from flour, water, salt

from creative flair



and forged he was.

They never returned to honor his life

did not come to retrieve him

or include him

or share the warmth of their 


as eyes locked

over wine and chocolate.

Now there he lay

on his back

in a cold bowl ..

recipient of every cough

 of every sneeze

every compliment.

Spoiled ..

made useless

by the very mouths

praising his existence.

Beautiful life wasted.

Asked for

then abandoned.

Incredible potential

spat upon

by lovers

who went on their way ..


hand in hand.

His huge heart


as he lies


on his back


in the open air

in that cold bowl

wondering ...

"Where's the Love?"

February 14, 2015
Wishing you the gifts of


for one another ...

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Happy Valentines Day


Note to Self

Live to rise above and surpass everything past .. improve.

 Leave a legacy of pride, honor and empowerment  for others.   

Be thankful we can be more tomorrow than we were today.

The past needn't be the now.

 The future person is not relegated to being the previous person.

  We can transcend our past.

 We can contribute positively to the future.

 Leave the world enriched because we trod upon it ..
 learned from our mistakes .. 
  attempted being similar to that shining light ..


February 7, 2015
Tell me everyone,

if my philosophy above contains even a shred of truth .. and I believe it does ..

Why !?!

Why did the Road Monsters of Chateaufort spring from the depths of hell as I passed over them in my beautiful BMW rental last September?   Did they not know it was me, the same person who penned the ethereally laced rhetoric above?   Didn't they realize what a "special" guy I am  as I proudly drove that beautiful white, leather appointed vehicle (did I mention it was a BMW .. ?)  directly over the hard cold  metal platforms of destruction lurking beneath the pavement?      
Masters of Deception .. waiting especially for me ..

Special Me
Diabolically gauging the exact moment to lunge at ..

Special Me

"Merde !"

The metal serpent struck just as my shining status symbol straddled its lair ..

did I mention it was a beautiful white, leather clad BMW ?

"Sonofabitch !
After the shock 

 After the carcass of a once beautiful auto was replaced with an inferior  model ..

what .. they didn't trust Special Me any longer?

After disparaging remarks by friends who couldn't control their laughter ..

Special Me returned to the scene of carnage & took a self portrait ..

A reminder to read "signs" ..

Hooray Special Me


This was just before

 Special Me got an invoice for the most expensive car rental EVER !

And did I mention ..

It was a beautiful white, leather appointed BMW ?

sigh ..

Special Me ... 

 back to the drawing board ....

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir,

Today I went to Living Foods Market to purchase fresh baguette and a wedge of Henri Hutin triple crème Belletoile to smear liberally over the bread.  I couldn't get back to our office fast enough to enjoy the treat, even forgetting to grab a plastic knife in my haste.   As "good cheese fortune" would have it, the Belletoile was soft enough to "slather" with a spoon. 
 Let the  French Feast on Kauai begin.    
First bite ..

yielding crust followed by wondrous texture ..

Someone knows how to "craft" a baguette .. right here on Kauai !

Then the cheese .. soft, elegant, flavorful ..

rich beyond imagination.

Nothing can compare .. in my mind this is the perfect marriage of creativity borne by need .. basic sustenance taken to the highest level of refined simplicity.  And, as always, a poignant reminder of France .. half a world away.

Look Out !

Here they come again ..

 visions and memories of  French life  ..

stimulated by the taste, the feel, the experience of a well crafted baguette ..

the elegance of a superlative Belletoile.

With that first bite, I was reminded of an enjoyable meal preparation at the apartment in France last September and my mind began wallowing in that self pitying place of  "wish I was there"..


I looked outside our office window and  watched happy visitors from around the globe as they inhaled and feasted on the beauty of this magnificent island. 

Flowers, ocean ..  

 swaying palms & backdrop of emerald green .. 

  enhanced by temperatures inviting shorts and sandals only ..

January 31st ..



For the record 

 I hereby file a formal complaint:

 Living Foods Market in Kukuiula Village Shopping Center - Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii ..

How dare you hire a Master who studied under an Austrian bread maker in Australia !

What audacity .. such nerve .. complete and total disregard for those of us who believe

Incredible Loaves can only be attained elsewhere.

To allow such a wonderful product being placed before us ..

To display no shame or remorse whatsoever for creating melancholy amongst us ..

Blatant plagiarism .. re-creation of ancient art ..

Causing us to revive wondrous thoughts of places where


Continues to be a revered entity.

Have you no heart?

Who is this Maestro?

How dare he cause me to think I may be in Paris !

But ..

 I may have need of another loaf ..

just to be certain my critique is well founded ...


My wonderful Daughter-in-Law responded to a statement I made this week ..

I stated:

"So many places ... So little time"

Her response:

"But the best place is the one where we are ..

and I'm living it to the fullest ..

 enjoying every bit!"

With the wisdom of that reminder ..

I will continue to recall a special afternoon of meal preparation south of Versailles last September,  but with a newfound base of enjoyment for that as a memory and rejuvenated thankfulness for the present.


Living Foods Market in Kukuiula Village Shopping Center - Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii ..

I put you on notice!

Should you ever even remotely consider letting loose

that young Master who studied under an Austrian bread maker in Australia ..

you shall suffer a strong verbal admonishment from this camp.

Please understand ...

I may want to dream of France again tomorrow ..

with fresh baguette and a wedge of Henri Hutin triple crème Belletoile ..

making it the best day ..

right where I am ..

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Merci and Mahalo to Bread Makers Everywhere!


Writers Dream

What if they die ..

those picture machines?

no buttons to push ..

no photos and screens?

Image contrived

by manual means ..

humanly crafted

falsified dreams.

Will panic erupt

in agonized screams

when laziness challenges fate?

When reality is "return to script"

.. my senses cannot wait

Create your canvas 

by each new thought

of mind's pure crafted themes ..


relish the day of returning words ..

New life !

without photos and screens

January 24, 2015

Pu'u Road on Kauai is my therapist,  my health guru,  my place of inspiration, my perfect muse.   Pu'u Road is my walk.   What a blessing it is to wander from the front door of our home into the beauty of this island on a daily basis.  Many times I have exclaimed to visitors I am one of the luckiest 67,091 people on the face of Earth .. this being the current population of Paradise.

Of course, living in paradise does not automatically create the perfect existence .. this is our individual calling .. happiness being within.  I'm certain there are happy people living in the least hospitable of places and unhappy folks right here on the Garden Island .. C'est la vie.

I want to be happy and the walks on Pu'u contribute greatly to that goal.  A typical pace keeps me on the trail for one hour and forty five minutes each day .. one hour and forty five minutes to contemplate and process the current state of life.  These hours of  trekking around Pu'u have provided many "aha" moments over the years .. nature's gift of  peace in solitude,  causing me to constantly be aware  I am indeed a fortunate man.

This morning I walked, and ran, and jogged, and thought. 

Possibly you've had this same mental rumination  ..

Asked for guidance .. got guidance ..

Loudly .. Clearly

"Quit Asking! .. you are equipped with everything you need ..

just turn on your Mindshield Wipers ..

let the light in"

I didn't hear  "knucklehead" or "dumbass" at the end ..

but ...


Wishing each of you your own Pu'u Road ..
and  great Mindshield Wipers

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between


I stand on Kauai

Marvel of nature

Calming ..  soothing .. healing ..

Cleansed by the rains of  Wai'ale'ale  


Brilliant colors kiss her

Rainbows adorn her

And the ocean

The ocean


She soothes

Invigorates my soul 

Provides serenity

Simply by being 


Sun balanced breezes

Music of water with sand

The great creation

Absolute perfection



Declare your beauty

Sweet aromas

Soft flowers of life


Kiss them  

Remind them in Paris

Your tears will wash away 

 Blood on the Floor

January 14, 2015


She breaths,
inhaling essence of each residing soul ..
She breaths,
exhaling brilliant flashes of creativity.

kaleidoscope of humanity ..
higher and lower than imagined ..
darker and brighter than perceived.

She continues,
physical embodiment of our gifts ..
champion of illumination

piercing through darkness.

City of Light ..
stimulator of higher thinking ..
validator of progress ..

January 10, 2015

Crying for Her

wielding my pen for enlightenment ...

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between