Writers Dream

What if they die ..

those picture machines?

no buttons to push ..

no photos and screens?

Image contrived

by manual means ..

humanly crafted

falsified dreams.

Will panic erupt

in agonized screams

when laziness challenges fate?

When reality is "return to script"

.. my senses cannot wait

Create your canvas 

by each new thought

of mind's pure crafted themes ..


relish the day of returning words ..

New life !

without photos and screens

January 24, 2015

Pu'u Road on Kauai is my therapist,  my health guru,  my place of inspiration, my perfect muse.   Pu'u Road is my walk.   What a blessing it is to wander from the front door of our home into the beauty of this island on a daily basis.  Many times I have exclaimed to visitors I am one of the luckiest 67,091 people on the face of Earth .. this being the current population of Paradise.

Of course, living in paradise does not automatically create the perfect existence .. this is our individual calling .. happiness being within.  I'm certain there are happy people living in the least hospitable of places and unhappy folks right here on the Garden Island .. C'est la vie.

I want to be happy and the walks on Pu'u contribute greatly to that goal.  A typical pace keeps me on the trail for one hour and forty five minutes each day .. one hour and forty five minutes to contemplate and process the current state of life.  These hours of  trekking around Pu'u have provided many "aha" moments over the years .. nature's gift of  peace in solitude,  causing me to constantly be aware  I am indeed a fortunate man.

This morning I walked, and ran, and jogged, and thought. 

Possibly you've had this same mental rumination  ..

Asked for guidance .. got guidance ..

Loudly .. Clearly

"Quit Asking! .. you are equipped with everything you need ..

just turn on your Mindshield Wipers ..

let the light in"

I didn't hear  "knucklehead" or "dumbass" at the end ..

but ...


Wishing each of you your own Pu'u Road ..
and  great Mindshield Wipers

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between


I stand on Kauai

Marvel of nature

Calming ..  soothing .. healing ..

Cleansed by the rains of  Wai'ale'ale  


Brilliant colors kiss her

Rainbows adorn her

And the ocean

The ocean


She soothes

Invigorates my soul 

Provides serenity

Simply by being 


Sun balanced breezes

Music of water with sand

The great creation

Absolute perfection



Declare your beauty

Sweet aromas

Soft flowers of life


Kiss them  

Remind them in Paris

Your tears will help remove 

 Blood on the Floor

January 14, 2015


She breaths,
inhaling essence of each residing soul ..
She breaths,
exhaling brilliant flashes of creativity.

kaleidoscope of humanity ..
higher and lower than imagined ..
darker and brighter than perceived.

She continues,
physical embodiment of our gifts ..
champion of illumination

piercing through darkness.

City of Light ..
stimulator of higher thinking ..
validator of progress ..

January 10, 2015

Crying for Her

wielding my pen for enlightenment ...

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

October 4th, 2014

Relinquished my car at Charles de Gaulle's rental area and made my way to

Novotel Paris CDG Roissy Hotel ..



I was leaving the next day .. despondent as usual pending departing ..

Anxious to get in my room for a hot healing



The room was attractive .. comfortable .. acceptable

The shower large and tile covered



I entered the capsule of liquid solace

It was good



And then ..
Like a tiny mosquito blessed with the unyielding gift of perseverance, it appeared.  One of the hundreds of holes in my shower head was mal-functioning .. only one ..  but to a degree only Satan could have orchestrated.   Try as I did, there was no remedy for the tiny stream of water shooting over the glass wall of my shower stall onto the bathroom floor.  The shower head was "fixed" .. not able to turn left or right .. and the tilt function did not allow enough motion to keep that "Little Squirt" from acquiring freedom over the wall.  The best I could do was arrange a wash cloth in such a manner to suppress the stream.  This remedial action created an irritating dynamic of water dripping oddly from the shower.  Frustration of unwanted "drippage" plagued me again the following morning.  That miniscule orifice destroyed my greatest pleasure.

The only thing I really care about in a hotel is a wonderful shower

I can't sleep .. the joy of travel is only achieved by

hot water


Paris to Los Angeles is eleven hours and forty minutes in the air.  I spend one night in LA to refresh, recharge, and prepare for the flight home to Kauai the next day.


October 5th 2014

I enter my room at the lovely Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel

Carrying angst from the "Little Squirt" in Paris

Ready to shower 


The water was hot .. the showerhead flawless

All was in alignment for perfection

The drain backed up



I shall remember that trip


October 6th, 2014

My world exploded in joy

 hot water washed over me in waves

no "drippage"    ..    no "Little Squirts"

no scummy soap filled pool creeping up my legs


The Greatest Invention ..


And that's how it is ... enjoy your shower

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Mahalo et Merci,






They have already celebrated in Paris and in a few hours the fireworks at Poipu Beach will indicate the beginning of a new time ..  2015 est arrive! .. 2015 has arrived!
Have you noticed .. we humanoids are the only creatures celebrating ..I suspect we will always be the only celebrants, since we are the only inhabitants of our planet who need Hope ... all other entities being in perfect balance and harmony.  We need Hope because we are perfectly imperfect .. unique to the Universe in our ability to mess things up which were pristine in nature,  then exhibit incredible powers of reason, calculation, and resilience for "repair thru reconstruction".  All the while we manage to love and nurture - hate and destroy .. a simultaneous juxtaposition of intangibles.    

In our imperfection lies the key to humanity.  If we have nothing to "make better", will we have any need for our human based emotions and actions?  Maybe our greatest communal gift is that unique nature to "mess it up",   which facilitates the perfectly human experience of  "making it better" ..  naturally requiring a big dose of Hope.

How do we measure Hope?  We created a calendar for that purpose.  Every 365 days we solemnly renew our fervent vows declaring what we trashed in the previous 365 days will be repaired or improved  in the next 365 days ... at least we certainly Hope so.

There is nothing like us 

We are beautifully unique

We are a creation of mystery

and we aren't supposed to know the answers ... yet

Enjoy the wonder of it all ... every moment is meant to be mysterious  

We are the only beings designed to  navigate this complex Code of Life ..

embrace every moment

Turn the page on your calendar and smile.  That measurement is unique to us. 

  Only we can appreciate and enjoy the significance of that simple act. 

Live in the Light of hope ... we were specifically designed for it.

I  hope you enjoy Great Health, Happiness, & Prosperity

I hope for Peace  ...  Je espère que pour la paix ...

A world of Love

Happy New Year!

from Kauai to Paris ... and all places between

Mahalo et Merci for being part of my life in 2014

With Love & Hope,
Bill Facker

Rainbows are awesome

Thrilling in every way ..

But we are Human ..  

Sometimes we just want to enjoy a Rock


In the Humanistic Spirit of this minor revelation

I reached into an old collection of CD's ..

Aerosmith rocked me to the office today


 Rainbows are awesome


 Humanity Rocks 


 You are Beautiful ..

 Every one of you ..

Smiling and Driving .. 

Rock On Humans ..

from Kauai to Paris ... and all places between

Diminutive ..

Giving ..  

Quiet ..

Aromatic ..

Colorful ..

Lovely ..

Breathtaking ..

Magnificent .. 

Awe inspiring ..

With Harmony and Beauty

They are

The Big Show


..  and it's free !


from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between



My Dad gave me an electric train in 1958 for Christmas

My Step Dad taught me fly fishing on the Popo Agie River

I love them both

I want them to be proud of me


 We can soar  


 emerge victorious beyond days past

  become better and better and better

know true happiness

be more than we were

  know the past needn't be the now

learn from our mistakes

bask in the shining light of Creation


I know this because

on December 4th 2014

my Son called me Dad

for the first time

he is 34


Joyeux Noël .. Merry Christmas .. Feliz Navidad .. Mele Kalikimaka!

I wish you a joyful Christmas 

just like mine ...

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between


There is a scraggly little Hibiscus plant next to our driveway on Kauai

 It has never exceeded two feet in height

Recently, that scraggly  plant produced the beautiful and incredibly large flower pictured above

Everyone oohs and aahs this flower when it appears


A small pot sits on the other side of our home, next to many flamboyant flowers we have collected

I've noticed  folks often walk by that pot,  never gazing at the dazzling orchid which peeks out

It is small .. about quarter size

It is one of my favorites ..  

 I drove to my office yesterday

The parking lot was full of beautiful automobiles

A plethora of ingenious metal shapes with smooth bodies that glistened in the sun

In the midst of all the accumulated affluence & perfection .. was a perfect flower

It displayed creativity

It displayed courage

It displayed the passion and freedom of youth

It was my favorite ...

Wishing each of you ..

the joy of individuality

the thrill of creativity

eternal youth

boundless passion


the courage to express yourself 

from Kauai to Paris .. and all places between

Aloha et Au revoir,